Below you can find a selection of our reports. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Toekomstverkenning digitale economie 2030

Language: Dutch
Commissioning party: Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy
An exploration of the most relevant trends and scenarios vis-à-vis the digital economy

Horizonscan 2030

Language: Dutch
Commissioning party: Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations
A speculative exploration of the next decade's most relevant developments

Outlook Digitalisation 2030

Languages: English, Dutch
Commissioning party: Government of the Netherlands
An overview of the most important trends and developments in the digital transition leading up to 2030

Opportunity Radar

Language: English
A panorama of geo-economic opportunities for public and private decision-makers

De veerkrachtige wereld

Language: Dutch
The post-corona era in four extreme scenarios revolving around tech, geopolitics and culture

Hegemonic Framework

Language: English
A speculative forecast of geopolitical power dynamics along three different timelines